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Immigration law is complex and ever changing. That’s why you should turn to the expertise of Law Office of Orlando Mondragon. With ten years of experience, Orlando Mondragon, Attorney-at-Law, can consult with you and offer you the legal counsel you need to find a satisfactory resolution to your legal situation.
The Law Office of Orlando Mondragon has had the opportunity of representing many individuals in removal and deportation proceedings. Removal/Deportation proceedings are court hearing where the government is attempting to remove/deport an individual from the United States. However, an individual may qualify for relief from removal such as 1) Cancellation of Removal; 2) Asylum, withholding of removal, or convention against torture; 3) Termination of Proceedings; 4) Adjustment of Status, and more. Orlando Mondragon, Attorney-at-Law will continue representation to the Board of Immigration Appeals and files petitions for review with the appropriate Appellate Circuit Court.
In addition, the Law Office of Orlando Mondragon represents and assists individuals in obtaining legal status through family based petitions and through adjustments of status. Immediate relatives are eligible to file visa petitions for their relatives such as spouses, siblings, parents, and children. Orlando Mondragon, Attorney-at-Law files all family based petitions and proceeds through with either adjustment of status to a lawful permanent resident or consular processing to obtain an immigrant visa. Depending on the particular facts of each individual case, a waiver may be required before being eligible to adjust his or her status or obtaining an immigrant visa. The Orlando Mondragon, Attorney-at-Law will file all required waivers.
The Law Office of Orlando Mondragon will assist individuals in applying for Derivative Citizenship and Naturalization. A person born out of the United States may be a derivative citizen if either of his or her parents are United States citizen and certain time requirements are met. Orlando Mondragon, Attorney-at-Law will file any derivative claims. Additionally, a lawful permanent resident is eligible for naturalization to become a United States Citizen if certain time requirements are met, has good moral character, etc. This Law Office will file all necessary petitions for naturalization.
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Legal Representation:
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Citizenship Attorney
  • Naturalization Attorney
  • Green Card Attorney
  • Visa Attorney
  • Deportation Attorney
Areas of Practice:
  • Citizenship Assistance
  • Naturalization Assistance
  • Green Card Assistance
  • Deportation Assistance
  • Asylum Petitions
  • Visa Petitions
  • Waivers
  • Family-Based Petitions
  • Immigration Representation
  • Adjustments of Status
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Termination of Proceedings
  • Appeals Representation
  • Bond Reductions

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